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Sport: Personal Fitness
Location: 57 Carl Hall Rd, Toronto, ON, M3K 2B6, Canada
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I offer the following programs: Functional Breathing, Functional Mobility and Functional Competence

1) Functional Breathing: Yogi’s, Monks, Athletes, Navy SEALs and Special Forces, CEOs, First Responders, Biohackers and more have been leveraging breathing techniques to improve their performance, maximize longevity and reduce stress and anxiety, when is it your turn to learn these inherent skills and optimize your performance, health and longevity?

If breathing is not normalized, no other movement pattern can be"

Chapman et al. 2016

2) Functional Mobility: This grants us the freedom to move how we desire and this freedom begins with limitations and constraints. Incorporate easy to learn personal daily practices specific to your current movability capacity that will mitigate chances of injury, reduce joint pain and discomfort, and enhance your physical abilities from every aspect. Using intentional, controlled movement patterns focused around joint articulation and building tissue resiliency we will ensure to appropriately layer suitable prerequisites to expedite progress towards your personal goals and objectives. Unlock your full physical potential and let’s build your Functional Mobility program now!

3) Functional Competence: Let’s define your personal goals and establish a direct focus to not only become Functionally Competent but to become Functionally Competitive on every level of life!

Health: The State of being free from illness or injury; The absence of illness or disease;

Wellness: The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal;

Functional Competence: Maximally expressing your genetic inheritance.

Get started today and maximize your gene expression!

Two typical mistakes made in life, not starting and not following through!

Let’s go!

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