/ Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CoachEasy?

    CoachEasy is a website that connects people with coaches/trainers across all major sport categories, physical fitness, and education.

    CoachEasy provides you with a one-stop shop for all your training needs. You are able to search through our exclusive list of verified coaches, read their profiles, view their photos and videos, read customer reviews, book and pay for their services, and simply show up to their next Training Session. It's that easy!

  • How do I get started?

    1. Search

    Search through our exclusive list of the best coaches in your area. You can search by location, sport, the specific skills taught for that sport, your skill level (beginner, intermediate, elite), your age, coach's reviews, and popular coaches in your area. Our CoachEasy coaches offer private training, semi-private, group, and sessions like camps and clinics.

    2. Book

    After you selected the best coach for you, you can view this coach's calendar of sessions. Simply select the session you are interested in and click the 'Book Now' button. You can also buy packages for multiple Training Sessions to receive a discounted rate. To do this click on the "View Packages" button on your coach's profile page. 

    3. Start training!

    Take your game to the next level! Simply show up to your next Training Session and your coach will be there to meet you.

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  • How do I manage my Training Sessions?

    When you join CoachEasy, you get full access to our Training Sessions Calendar where you can view all your upcoming and past Training Sessions. You can receive details about your booked Training Sessions, find details on dates times and locations, and provide attendance confirmation or cancelation notifications to your coaches. CoachEasy's Training Sessions Calendar provides you with everything you need to manage your all your CoachEasy Training Sessions.

  • Does CoachEasy charge me to book Training Sessions?

    CoachEasy doesn't charge you any extra fees to attend any of our coaches' Training Sessions. Our fees are already included in the coaches' rates. Therefore, you pay only what our coaches normally charge for their Training Sessions. We also offer a price match guarantee ensuring what you pay here on CoachEasy is the best price offered anywhere.

  • Why is it better to pay though CoachEasy than paying the coach directly?

    When you pay for Training Sessions through CoachEasy, you receive a record of this payment which can be used for tax deduction purposes. You can also keep track of the total amount of money you spent on training. This payment record can be used in the case of a dispute with your coach. We offer full refunds on sessions that you are not satisfied with.*Certain conditions apply*

    Transactions that are processed online ensure a safe and secure transfer of payment to your coach.

    We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

    All payments are processed through a payment provider that is completely encrypted, safe and secure.

  • Can I contact a coach before booking a Training Sessions?

    If you are interested in booking a Training Session with one of our coaches but need to speak with the coach first, you can always message them using the "Message Coach" button located on their profile page. The coach will then receive your message and respond back to you.

  • I haven't received a response from a coach I've messaged, what now?

    Let us know if you haven't heard back from a coach that you messaged. We'll do our best to reach the coach and find out why they have not responded. In most cases the coach will follow up with you shortly thereafter. We recommend messaging multiple coaches that you are interested in. This helps if your first choice is too busy to take on new clients.

  • Can I cancel a Training Session that I already paid for?

    If you need to cancel a confirmed Training Session, you must give at least 48-hours advance notice. If you try to cancel your confirmed Training Session after the allowed 48-hour policy, the coach is entitled to receive full payment for this Training Session. However, we often reschedule your Training Session under certain circumstances. Please contact support@coacheasy.com for more information.

  • Can I get a refund for un-used Training Session?

    Yes, you can receive a full refund for any un-used Training Sessions as long as we receive your refund request before 48-hours of your next Training Session. If you bought a Package Deal and completed at any sessions from this package you will only be charge for the sessions you used at the regular single session rate. You will then be refunded the balance left in your account.

    All refunds are only eligible within 30 days after the purchase date. Any requests for refunds after 30 days of the purchase date will be redeemable as credits towards future Training Sessions.

  • Can I change coaches if I already paid for multiple Training Sessions?

    If for whatever reason, you wish to change coaches, you can request a credit transfer with CoachEasy. We will cancel any future Session with that coach and reschedule the remaining Sessions with another coach of your choice.

    For group or discounted package deals, you are able to change coaches. However, you will be charged the single sessions rate for the sessions you used. The remaining balance left on your account will then be transferred to another coach of your choice.