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Sport: Hockey
Location: Kirkland, QC, Canada
Expertise: *Total Hockey, Agility, Edge Control, Evasive Moves, Puck Control, Technique

My aim is to make you as fast with the puck as you are without it. We’ll allow you to develop skills that give you the ability to handle the puck like Patrick Kane, and wind it up across the ice like Matt Barzal to come downhill on defensemen with speed. We’ll give you the tools for you to feel confident skating patterns that you will be able to execute with ease in games. We like to focus on both the forward’s strengths and weaknesses, in order to make each individual a more well rounded player. Our coaches have the ability to have you train using bridges, cones and fake d men , but are also able to demonstrate and focus on skills that are developed with absolutely no tools/cones whatsoever on the ice.

- Played midget espoir/aaa, then went to prep school, one year of Junior “a”, then to NCAA where he was a captain and
lead his team in scoring.
- Went to play pro after college in CHL, ECHL, SPHL for the last 11 years.
- 3 time SPHL champion and 1 time playoff MVP
- 2 time first team all-star in SPHL.
- 10 years of coaching pros/elite players.
- A coach who studies the game and wants to pass on his expertise to players. he’s always evolving as a coach and
looking for new ways to challenge players.

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