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Sport: Hockey
Location: Montréal, QC, Canada
Expertise: *Total Hockey, Agility, Balance, Battle Drills, Body Checking, Defense Clinic, Dry Land, Edge Control, Endurance, Evasive Moves, Forward Stride, Game Intelligence, Hockey Basics, Hockey IQ, Offensive Attack, Passing, Positioning, Power Skating, Puck Control, Shooting, Situational, Skating, Stickhandling, Team Play, Technique, Tight Turns, Turning & Crossovers

Martin Lee, founder of ML Hockey, started his coaching career at the Vierumäki Sports Institute of Finland, where he studied under some of the game’s best minds from the Finnish National Hockey Program. He gained his bachelor in Sports Management and this led him to finish his studies at the Concordia University Men’s Hockey Team in Montreal, QC.

Martin Lee’s lengthy playing career took him to places all around the world including North America and Europe. He has also made many appearances on the world stage including playing for his native country of New Zealand where he won a gold medal at the IIHF U20 D II World Championships.

Along with his extensive knowledge for the game of hockey and a keen eye for detail, Martin Lee is known to create long lasting relationships with his athletes. He works closely with his students to help them develop their individual skill sets with the goal to improve their overall game and strengthen their hockey sense in game-like scenarios.

ML Hockey and Martin Lee understand that ice time is precious, so why not make every practice count? Whether you are working on your skating technique or on-ice skills, everything they do is game-related. They pride themselves on taking the time to teach their athletes not only the tools for the modern game but how these skill sets can be most effective in game situations. All done in a friendly, positive reinforced environment. Enjoy the process.

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